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Innovation Team of Fertilizer and Fertilization Technology

--> Updated: 2022-06-30

Research contents:

The Innovation Team of Fertilizer and Fertilization Technology conducts research on the efficiency, product development and industrialization of value-added fertilizers, and establishes a theoretical system of such fertilizers. It studies the safety of organic fertilizers and their scientific utilization and researches and develops polyurethane-coated slow-release urea as well as technical packages for the industrialization of different new fertilizer products. Aiming to meet the goal of synchronizing the supply and demand of plant nutrition, the team researches nutritional diagnosis and fertilization decision-making of field crops, vegetables, and fruit trees, and establishes a technical system for rapid plant nutritional diagnosis and precise crop fertilization. The team also studies the effect of green manure as fertilizer and its nutrient cycle and control mechanism.

Research objective:

The team insists on innovative research, strengthens talent team construction, and has been building an international, open, and shared fertilizer and fertilization technology innovation platform. By working on the development of new fertilizer products, efficient and precise field management and fertilization technology as well as improvement of green fertilizer production and utilization technology, it hopes to achieve the goal of "reducing fertilizer utilization and increasing effectiveness".

Research direction:

New fertilizer creation, efficient fertilization technology, green manure production and utilization technology

Team members:

Established in 2013, the team has 14 members. They are: