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Innovation Team of Smart Agriculture

--> IARRP| Updated: 2022-06-27

Research contents:

Relying on platforms such as the National Smart Agricultural Science and Technology Innovation Alliance, the National Digital Agriculture Innovation Center, the Key Laboratory of Agricultural Remote Sensing of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, and the Smart Agricultural Science and Technology Center of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, the Innovation Team of Smart Agriculture conducts research on intelligent perception, diagnosis and decision-making in field crops and orchard crops production, integrating new-generation information technologies of remote sensing, big data, and artificial intelligence with agronomy.

The team studies the development of agricultural information collection and operations of intelligent equipment, satellite-aerial-ground-integrated (SAGI) big data mining and analysis, monitoring of spatial-temporal characteristics of agricultural land system, traceability of agricultural product quality, and spatial planning of smart agricultural parks.

The team aims to make breakthroughs in the core theory, technology, equipment and system platforms of smart agriculture, promote the assembly, integration and maturation of equipment, technology and systems, and establish a standardized and replicable smart agricultural application technology model in a bid to provide strong scientific and technological support for the development of smart agriculture in China.

Research objectives: To meet the goals of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, the innovation team will break through key scientific issues in the theories, technologies and equipment of smart agriculture and establish a standard technology model and ecosystem for smart agriculture that combines the innovation chain with the industrial chain.

Research direction:

The team is developing SAGI agricultural intelligent sensing technology and equipment, big data mining, diagnostic technology and platform, and cloud and terminal integrated intelligent agricultural machinery.

Team members:

Established in 2017, the team has 22 members. They are: