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Innovation Team of Grassland Ecology and Remote Sensing

--> Updated: 2022-06-30

Research contents:

Our research mainly focuses on the following contents: 1) the multi-scale observation and simulation of the grassland ecosystems processes; 2) the quantitative inversion methods of grassland ecosystem parameters and their authenticity verification; 3) the innovative application of modern information technology in grassland ecology, and creating a three-dimensional monitoring technology system for grassland ecosystems using frontier methods of remote sensing; 4) establishes a technical system for adaptive management of grassland ecosystems with human disturbances and global changes

Research objectives:

The objectives are to clarify the mechanisms underlying the responses of the key ecological processes of grasslands to global changes, and to innovate the methodology of grassland ecology and the technical products.

Research fields:

Long-term observation and systematic simulation of grassland ecosystems, degradation and restoration mechanisms of grassland ecosystems, the responses of grassland ecosystem functions to global change and their mechanisms, key parameters inversion technology of grassland ecosystems, remote sensing of grassland-livestock system dynamics, and smart pasture technology integration and the applications in the managements.

Team members:

established in 2013. There are 12 members, including: