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Key Field Observation and Experiment Station on Ecology and Environment of Yanshan Mountain in Qianxi of MARA

IARRP | Updated: 2021-07-17

The Key Field Observation and Experiment Station on Ecological Environment of Yanshan Mountain  in Qianxi of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of China (formerly known as the Ministry of Agriculture of China) was established in 1998 in Hebei province, and was recognized as a key field observation station by the MARA in 2005.

Located in the typical agroforestry area in North China, the Station focus on long-term in-situ observations, technology promotion and application in typical areas, basic data accumulation, rational experimental observation and scientific demonstration. Since the establishment of the station, it has had six basic research directions: development and efficient utilization of agriculture and forestry resources, structure and function succession law of the zonal mountain ecosystem, evolutionary law and cultivation system of soil fertility, early cultivation and water-saving technology and demonstration of northern agroforestry systems, long-term monitoring of water resources and development of the associated comprehensive control technology, and carbon and nitrogen dynamics monitoring of agroforestry systems. In addition, the Station aims to explore regional rural development model, ecological agriculture construction technology, and natural reserve (wetlands) maintenance and sustainable development technology that match local resources and environmental conditions. The experience from the Station provides good guidance and scientific basis for resource development and environment protection in the Yanshan Mountain region and indeed throughout northern China.

To date, the Station has established comprehensive observation systems, including a soil erosion observation site, a vegetation restoration and community succession observation site, a soil ecosystem observation site, a meteorological station, a small watershed station, and an information network.