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Remote sensing monitoring technology for agricultural drought and flood disasters

IARRP | Updated: 2021-07-21

Awards: Second Prize of 2014 State Scientific and Technological Progress Award

Lead researchers: Tang Huajun, Huang Shifeng, Huo Zhiguo, Huang Jingfeng, Chen Zhongxin, Wu Wenbin, Yang Peng, Li Zhaoliang, Liu Haiqi, and Li Zhengguo

Highlighting theoretical innovation, technological breakthroughs, and application services, researchers in the project created a comprehensive remote sensing inversion of evapotranspiration and a full-process analysis theory of flooding and waterlogging to adapt to complex disaster situations.

They have achieved breakthroughs in the technology of integrated rapid acquisition of disaster information through satellites, aircraft-borne equipment and low-altitude drones, as well as ground observation. Drought and flood disaster dynamic analysis and disaster assessment key technologies have also made progress.

In addition, the project established China’s first high-precision, large-scale and short-period remote sensing monitoring system for drought and flood disasters. Since 2002, the system has been used in the national agricultural disaster prevention and mitigation work led by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs (formerly the Ministry of Agriculture) and the Office of State Flood Control and Drought Relief Headquarters, monitoring 232.67 million hectares of disaster-affected area.

The project has obtained four invention patents and 12 software copyrights, and researchers formulated 15 standard specifications, and published seven books and 112 academic papers, including 52 SCI journal papers.

The research results help solve low accuracy, slow response, and limited application in agricultural drought and flood remote sensing monitoring.