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Updated: 2021-07-10


1. The student should arrive at GSCAAS during the prescribed period on the Admission Notice and register on the arrival day by providing valid Passport, Admission Notice, Visa Application form (JW201/202), Original Highest Degrees and Academic Transcripts, two Reference Letters and eight passport size photos with 2-inch white background to International Education Office. All provided documents and materials will be verified, false materials will result in cancellation of admission, and the related student should return to his/her home country at own expense.

2. All the students need to pay application fee except CSC student under Chinese Government Scholarship-Bilateral Program. The CSC students are exempted from accommodation fee, and should provide bank account for receiving the monthly allowance. Other scholarship students should pay the fees not listed in the scholarship content. Self-supporting student should also pay the tuition and accommodation fee for the registered academic year.

3.  After completion of registration procedure, the student will be provided Handbook for International Students, Safety Notice, Teaching materials, etc., and then take the Check-in Notice to register in the Student Dormitory.

4. Within 24 hours after arriving in Beijing, the student should register at the local police station and submit a copy of Registration Form of Temporary Residence (hereafter Residence Form) to the International Education Office (refers to Visa & Residence Permit for more details). When arriving at the institute, the student should register at the local police station according to the relevant provisions. If the dormitory address changed, the student should update his/her registration as soon as possible.

5.  The student should complete the Medical Examination (refers to Medical Examination and Insurance for more details).

6. All the new students should attend the Freshmen Orientation organized by the International Education Office.

7. The student should submit required documents to the International Education Office for applying Residence Permit (refers to Visa & Residences Permit for more details).

8. After completing all the foresaid procedures, the student can receive Student ID, Class Timetable and Teaching Materials.

9. Those who are unable to arrive/register before due date should inform International Education Office in written form in advance. With the approval of GSCAAS, the student should arrive during the updated time. If the student fails to register two weeks after the registration deadline, he/she will be regarded as giving up the admission automatically.


1.  The current students should return to the host institute before the commencement of each Semester, and should register at the host institute within 2 weeks with Student ID and complete the Registration Form.

2. The student who is unable to register in time should apply in written form for late registration in advance. Without permission from GSCAAS, those who has not registered or failed to register for more than two weeks (including two weeks) , or exceeding the renewed deadline of extension registration, will be treated as drop-out automatically. The unregistered student should not have all the rights of current students.