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Medical examination

IARRP | Updated: 2021-07-10

1. The student should complete the Medical Examination as required in Foreigner Physical Examination Form before applying for a Visa to China. The validity of examination is six months. The international education office will arrange Medical Examination for new students at Beijing International Travel Healthcare Center Haidian Clinic after registration. Those who are unable to attend in group should take the Medical Examination by themselves.

2. Medical Examination Time: 8:30 – 11:15 from Monday to Friday

Verification time: 8:30 – 11:15; 13:00-16:00 from Monday to Friday

Result pick-up time: 13:00-16:00 from Monday to Friday

3. Place of Medical Examination: Beijing International Travel Healthcare Center Haidian Clinic.

Address: No.10 Dezheng Road, Xibeiwang town, Haidian District, Beijing.

4. The student should bring the documents for Medical Examination as listed below:

(1)Valid Passport

(2)The original and copy of admission notice and visa application form(JW201&JW202)

(3)One 2-inch full face recent photo with white background

(4)The original physical examination results and reports undertaken in his/her home country within 6 months.

(5)Empty stomach (no food and water taken before physical examination)

(6)Medical Examination Fee: Those who have already completed all of the required items and provided admission notice and JW201&202 form should be free of charge. Those students who are required for a supplementary medical examination should pay the fees accordingly.

5. Procedure

(1)Fill in the application form

(2)Data entry at the registration counter

(3)Pay the fees

(4)Complete the medical examination

(5)Present the form to the form return counter

(6)Pick up the certificate after 4 working days

Note: If you already undertaken a medical examination in your country in the last 6 months, please present the health report including all the related materials to the staff during step two.

6. The student who fails to meet the requirement of health qualification must return to his/her country immediately at own expense and the admission will be cancelled automatically.