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Thesis opening report

IARRP | Updated: 2021-07-10

1. The student shall navigate and review a wide range of literature for research orientation and determine his/her research topic under the guidance of supervisor and advisory committee. The literature review paper and opening report of thesis proposal are required to be accomplished before 15 June of the second semester for autumn enrolled students or before 15 December of the second semester for spring enrolled students.
2. The examination committee of thesis opening report shall consist of five to seven experts (including the student’s supervisor) with rank of associate professor or above, and one leading scientists or famous expert may chair the committee. The meeting of opening report shall be held in public in the institute. The literature review paper is offered one credit with due approval of supervisor and opening report one credit after passing evaluation of the examination committee.
3. The student who failed in the opening report is required to retake within two months. If the student failed in the second time, he/she shall submit application for deferred graduation and take the third opening report within two months. If the student failed in the third time or refused to retake in assigned time, he/she will be subject to dropping-out accordingly. The opening report shall be implemented in reference to Provisional Regulations on Thesis Opening Report of Graduate Student of GSCAAS as applicable to both Chinese and international students. The authorized office of institute should submit the completed Thesis Opening Report Form to the College of International Education of GSCAAS for further evaluation and recording.