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Mid-term assessment

IARRP | Updated: 2021-07-10

1. The mid-term assessment is a comprehensive evaluation on the student’s moral and behavior performance, course work, original thesis research record and thesis work progress. The examination committee of mid-term assessment shall consist of five to seven members (at least one external member outside CAAS) with rank of associate professor or above, and one famous leading scientist may chair the committee. The student’s supervisor should attend his/her student’s mid-term assessment but is not included in the examination committee. The assessment shall be held in public in the institute, and be completed before 15 June of the fourth semester for autumn enrolled students or before 15 December of the fourth semester for spring enrolled students. One credit will be awarded after passing evaluation of examination committee. The mid-term assessment should be implemented in accordance with the Provisional Regulations on the Graduate Student Mid-term Assessment of GSCAAS as applicable to both Chinese and international students.
2. The student who fails to accomplish his/her mid-term assessment in the prescribed time will be delayed graduation for 6 months and disqualified for applying any awards in subsequent academic year. The student who has not passed the inspection on original thesis research record will be given a “failure” in mid-term assessment. The student who failed in the assessment is required to retake after three months. If the student failed in the second time or refused to retake the assessment, he/she will be subject to dropping-out in accordance with relevant regulation.
3. Upon successful completion of assessment, the authorized office of institute should submit completed International Student Mid-term Assessment Form to the College of International Education of GSCAAS for further evaluation and recording.