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Chinese Society of Plant Nutrition and Fertilizer Sciences

IARRP | Updated: 2021-07-08

The Chinese Society of Plant Nutrition and Fertilizer Sciences was established in 1982. It was approved by the Ministry of Civil Affairs of China to use its current name in 1993, and joined the China Association for Science and Technology in 2010. It is a national first-level academic society under the guidance of the China Association for Science and Technology and the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of China (formerly known as the Ministry of Agriculture of China).

The society is committed to driving innovation and development services, improving the scientific quality of the whole nation, and providing a basis for national scientific decisions. The tasks of the society are to carry out continuing education and technical training, popularize knowledge of plant nutrition and fertilizer science, promote the application of plant nutrition and fertilizer technology, and edit and publish books and periodicals on plant nutrition and fertilizer technology. It also implements decision-making and technical consultation, studies and recommends fertilizer technical standards, evaluates fertilizer scientific and technological achievements, attracts and trains talented people, and rewards outstanding workers in plant nutrition and fertilizer science. In addition, the society formulates national plant nutrition and fertilizer science policies, regulations and technical measures, provides suggestions for fertilizer reduction and efficiency, and provides decision-making consultation and scientific support.

The society currently has about 10,000 individual members and more than 200 group members. It has 11 working committees. They are the academic committee, education committee, science popularization committee, organization committee, youth committee, editing and publishing committee, agrochemical services committee, standard terminology committee, foreign exchange committee, fertilizer industry committee, and green manure committee. It also administers eight professional committees in nutrient cycle and the environment, plant nutrition and biology, fertilizer technology and equipment, chemical fertilizer, biological and organic fertilizer, new fertilizer, fertilization technology, and testing technology.

The society publishes the Journal of Plant Nutrition and Fertilizers and Soil and Fertilizer Sciences in China, and has established the awards of Excellent Scientific and Technological Worker Award, Excellent Scientific and Technological Achievement Award, Excellent Young Scientific and Technical Worker Award, and Chinese Society of Plant Nutrition and Fertilizer Sciences – Da Bei Nong Group Outstanding Doctorate and Master Degree Thesis Award.