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National Engineering Research Center of Arable Land Protection

IARRP | Updated: 2021-07-08

The National Engineering Research Center of Arable Land Protection was established in August 2011 with the approval of the National Development and Reform Commission. It is a national technology research and development sharing platform that focuses on soil fertilization and aims to improve efficient use of soil resources and the ability to increase food production.

The laboratory has established five technical research laboratories for high-yield soil fertilization, medium and low-yield field management, soil quality evaluation, development of new fertilizers, and high-efficiency fertilization technology. In addition, it has two pilot workshops for soil conditioners and new fertilizers, and technology demonstration bases in six main grain producing areas.

As of now, based on existing foundations and research results, the laboratory has made breakthroughs in five common key technology systems: soil fertilization technology for the improvement of soil organic matter, medium and low-yield soil management technology for obstacle reduction, degradation prevention and directive breeding, soil quality evaluation technology supported by information technology, new fertilizer development technology featuring fertilizer slow/controlled release and organic-inorganic compounding, and high-efficiency fertilization technology for the improvement of fertilizer utilization, higher yield and more stable production.

The laboratory also carries out technological engineering innovation integration and transformation application in its pilot workshops and main grain producing areas, providing technical support for the continuous increase of grain production.