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Agricultural Culture Collection of China (ACCC)

IARRP | Updated: 2021-07-08

The Agricultural Culture Collection of China (ACCC) was established in 1979 as a non-profit organization specialized in agricultural microbial resource  collection and also a lead unit of the National Microbial Resource Center. As a member of the World Federation for Culture Collections (WFCC) and the China Committee of Microbiological Culture Collection and Management, it collects, identifies, evaluates, preserves and shares national agricultural microbial culture resources and also carries out international exchange activities.

The center provides various services such as physical resource sharing, strain identification, strain preservation, and technical training. Currently, it offers about 1,500 strains to more than 150 companies engaged in microbial fertilizers, microbial pesticides, microbial feed, micro-ecological preparations, and mushroom cultivation, and to over 200 colleges, universities and scientific research institutes on agricultural microorganisms each year.

ACCC has a 500-square-meter repository and 297 sets of instruments and equipment, and is equipped with comprehensive and professional preservation techniques and methods such as freeze-drying, liquid nitrogen, -80℃ low temperature procedures and liquid paraffin to ensure the long-term preservation safety of microbial strains.

Since its establishment, ACCC has collected and preserved more than 20,000 agricultural microbial strains with 250,000 backups. The strains belong to 497 genera and 1,774 species, and account for one third of the total agricultural microbial resources in China. Among them, 18,041 strains in the fields of microbial fertilizer, microbial feed, microbial pesticide, microbial food, microbial remediation, and mushroom cultivation are available for online sharing. ACCC has also undertaken more than 100 national-level projects and won eight awards from the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of China (formerly known as the Ministry of Agriculture of China) and the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences.