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Research Programme

  Name of Project Source of Project
1 Establishment of the Model of NDVI-Derived Rice-Potato Productivity CCCAP 2014
2 Improving Nutrient Efficiency in Major European Food Feed and Bio-fuel Crops to Reduce the Negative Environmental Impact of Crop Production European Union 2009-2014
3 FP7 MODEXTREME Model Evaluation INRA 2013-2016
4 Design and Evaluation of Recycling-based Agricultural System in Upland Farming Areas of Northern China JIRCAS 2009-2016
5 Soil Transformation in European Catchment Sheffield University 2009-2016
6 European Commission Information Society and Media Directorate-General European Union 2011-2014
7 Pesticide Environmental Risk Assessment in China and Netherlands Asia Facility of Netherlands 2010-2014
8 China-South Korea Microbial Species Resources Preservation and Exchange South Korea's Agriculture Ministry 2013-2015

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