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Established by 2014-10-28

Aiming at the forefront of agricultural resources utilization and regional development, the institute has always attached great important to the academic exchange and cooperation with international science and technology communities. Since its foundation, IARRP has established cooperative relation with many national and international organizations in more than 30 countries and regions, such as USA, EU, UK, Japan, Korea, Australia, FAO, CGIAR and APEC. In the last five years, we have dispatched 320 scientists to foreign countries for all kinds of academic activities, and also have invited more than 300 foreign distinguished scientists to visit our institute. During this period, about 7 scientists from IARRP have held positions in 8 international academic organizations including conference chair, member of international scientific committee, editor-in-chief etc. At present, the international projects are carried out by IARRP including Sino-EU Sci-tech Cooperation, APEC Regional Sci-tech Cooperation, Sino-Japan Bilateral Sci-tech Cooperation, etc.

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